Saturday, January 23

Saw My First 'Impeach Obama' Bumper Sticker Yesterday

On the way home from work yesterday in Northern Virginia, I saw my first 'IMPEACH OBAMA' bumper sticker. I did not see who was driving the car but given that we were just 9 miles from Washington, DC I guess the person either had a death wish, hates their car, or is just plain so pissed off at the President that they don't care that others around them might not act rationally when they see the sign.

At least at that point, there was no apparent damage to the car.

I am guessing that it is not the last one that I will see either.

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Current CD Rates said...

This is really shocking to anyone. I would say the person must have suffered due to Federal government and wanted to show his hatred in this way. But he should be little attentive as this could bring him more sufferings.

shamrock said...

Hi Fred!
Could you please email me @ I have noted some statements that are not true and don´t add up in one of your posts.
It seems like it is your sources though, not you. It is not regarding this post, I just couldn´t any other way to contact you.