Wednesday, January 20

Walter Duranty - A Most Dangerous 'Useful Idiot'

Walter Duranty was a reporter. He was also one of Stalin's useful idiots.

This reporter probably did more to cover up for Stalin than did any other. Not only did his reporting ignore most all of the terror that was going on in the Soviet Union, but it also refuted reports made by other journalists who were brave enough to report on Stalin's killing spree.
In his New York Times articles (including one published on March 31, 1933), Duranty repeatedly denied the existence of a Ukrainian famine in 1932–33. In an August 24, 1933 article in NYT, he claimed "any report of a famine is today an exaggeration or malignant propaganda", but admitted privately to William Strang (in the British Embassy in Moscow on September 26, 1933) that
"it is quite possible that as many as ten million people may have died directly or indirectly from lack of food in the Soviet Union during the past year."
- Wikipedia
As bad as today's reporters are in the tank for Obama and the Democrats, I have to wonder just how far they are willing to go to cover up for their favorite politicians. This reporter was willing to sacrifice a whole population for his career. How successful was he? His reporting helped the Soviet Union gain official recognition from the United States.
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