Saturday, November 21

Good News About What's Not in the Climate Warmist's Emails

Surely you have now seen news of the hacked emails from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit which seem to point to all sorts of action by scientists investigating 'Climate change' to support their theory that the world is warming and warming due to human activity. (See 'Warmist conspiracy exposed?' for a great summary of what some of the emails say.)

While others concentrate on what the emails say, I noticed at least two major points that the emails do not say. I have the database of the stolen data and have read a number of emails based on some search words that I was looking for. Here is what does not seem to be in the messages:
  • Any sort of conspiracy to conceal that we are too late to stop the planet from burning up due to global warming. (You know the end of the world scenario where world governments are secretly building shelters to save a select few from an unstoppable global calamity)
  • Any sort of concern on the part of scientists that we will eventually be doomed to die from global warming. No fear of rising waters drowning them all or discussions on the best place to survive the catastrophe that they are publicly pushing.
  • In fact, there seems to be no signs of fear that we must act now as is being called for by scientists and many world leaders.
The only fear that I can see is their concern that actual weather patterns are not supporting their claims that the planet is warming and the fear that the voices of global warming skeptics are getting a foothold in countering their message.

So, this rather unfortunate crime of hacked messages (it is a crime after all) does bear some good news after all. For me, I have always seen the issue of 'climate change' as a two part question:
  • Is the planet warming? (The answer appeared to be yes)
  • Why? (Human action, sun spots, water vapor, other, all together...)
These supposedly sharp scientists have for years automatically blamed us and I have always had a hard time with the careless assumption of theirs. Now with this release of questionable activity, I would like to see a genuine attempt to properly answer the two questions above. I would also like to see these 'scientists' thoroughly investigated and prosecuted if they seems to have acted in a criminal fashion. For me, collusion to destroy data would seem to be a criminal act in it's own right.

One more thing. The planet's climate has always been changing. It is idiotic to think that we can stop it. That is just asinine.
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