Tuesday, April 8

French 'Human Rights' Double Standard

As everyone knows the French in Paris really gave the Chinese a public relations 'black-eye' for trying to show us how great they are while telling us all to go F-off when it comes to telling them what we think about how they act in the world. Apparently the Chinese really didn't appreciate this sign posted on City Hall so much that they canceled Paris's 'torch reception' to avoid even more bad publicity:

The wind blows flags from China and France in front of the Paris city hall where a banner reads, "Paris Defends Human Rights Everywhere in the World", April 7, 2008. The Chinese cancelled a planned reception for the Olympic torch at Paris city hall at the last minute after a banner supporting human rights was hung from the facade of the building. REUTERS/John Schults (FRANCE) - Yahoo News

That's all great, but the French don't need to wait for the Chinese Olympic torch to come to town to fight for human rights, they have their own home-grown Chinese-level violation worthy of global condemnation right under their feet.

In October, the European Council's Commissioner for Human Rights inspected what the French call a detention center for foreigners. Alvaro Gil-Robles believes it is more properly called a dungeon. "With the exception of maybe Moldavia, I have not seen a worse center," he said about the facilities underneath the Palais de Justice in Paris, located not more than a few hundred yards from Notre Dame.

And what was Europe's reaction to these astonishing accusations? A yawn, a few wire reports and press pickups; that's it. After all, those prisoners, locked up under horrendous sanitary conditions, without natural sunlight and ventilation, some of whom, according to one prison guard, have in desperation mutilated themselves and smeared their blood on the walls, were only simple illegal immigrants. No need to suspend French voting privileges on their account, that's for sure. - Wall Street Journal

Something tells me that those illegal aliens being held in the Detention Center aren't going to get to see a photo of the sign nearby declaring that Paris is defending their human rights. Good that the French care. I would hate to think how they would treat illegal aliens if they didn't care.

You can read more on why I think the Chinese Olympics should be boycotted in whole here. (Or at least really pressure the Chinese to make changes using the threat of a full boycott.) At the moment, if there is any formal pressure being applied, it must be happening in the back-room. Keep in mind that that the status of Tibit is just one of many outstanding issues, including also Sudan, Taiwan, North Korea, etc....

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