Wednesday, November 7

Chinese-Made 'Bindeez Beads' - Now With More Date-Rape Drugs

Just when you thought China was cornering the market on leadsicles, comes news that they are looking to corner the children's toy drug market as well:

A children's toy that turns into the deadly date-rape drug fantasy when swallowed has been removed from stores.

Bindeez Beads, a children's bead-picture craft set, was expected to be a big seller this Christmas after being voted Australia's most popular toy last year.

Instead, the beads have been withdrawn after children in Australia and New Zealand were admitted to hospital after eating the beads. -


The Australian Poisons Information Centre said a chemical in the Chinese-made toys metabolised into gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, better known as fantasy or GHB.

GHB has been implicated in one New Zealand death and has been banned since 2002.

The drug is known as a date-rape drug because it reduces inhibitions and can cause short-term amnesia.

The company that makes Bindeez, Moose Enterprises, said tests revealed the Chinese manufacturer had substituted some of the materials used in the beads without approval. -

The amount of drug produced was more than trivial, sending kids to the hospital. No word yet on whether the product available in the US is as equally tainted. A search on eBay revealed no listings, even though a Google search noted some. I had seen these while in Finland and the impression I got was that it was a horrible gift, partly because of all the small beads. Then again, I tend not to like consumable gifts like this where you have to keep buying supplies.

In the US, the product is called "Aqua Dots"

Children's bead set recalled - Stuff.Co.Nz

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