Monday, February 20

Try this Port threat on for Size

I recently posted on how the firestorm about a UAE Company is a complete non-issue and how people should do at least a minimum of investigation, especially when they do not understand the underlying issues.

With this in mind, if a UAE Company operating ports in the US is such a threat, then how do you rate the following in comparison:

Take this:

Put it on this:

Have it follow this route:

What can you get?

So here all these people are blabbing about what a threat it is for a UAE company to operate ports in the US. A Company that has a number of Americans running it. These same people have no clue that at the moment there are Saudi-Flag vessels, manned by Saudis carrying tens of thousands of containers into the US each year.

Is this company managed by Americans too? Sorry, no. (Management - Board of Directors)

Where is the rage about this?

Where is the outrage?

Where is Senator Clinton?

(As I write this, John Gibson is giving a rant on Fox about the port operator issue.)

UAE DP World Port Deal is a Non-Issue - Fred Fry
National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia

Note: This post is merely an example to put the DP Ports story in perspective. The NSCSA is a publicly traded company. It must meed high international standards to avoid it's vessels being arrested in the ports that they visit. As far as I know, it is a fine organization whose seafarers don't deserve to be treated as criminals any more than any other seafarers. (However, you can thank 16 terrorists for labeling your country as a threat, not me.)

Update: 28 February 06

Here are more sites mentioning the Saudis presence in US Port Operations:

Saudi Shipping Company “Controls” 9 US Ports - Sweetness & Light

Hillary Has "Port Values" Except when it's Saudi Arabia or China - Gateway Pundit


I suspect in about a week someone will point out all the foreign firms that handle loading cargo, meals and refreshments onto airplanes. Not only in the US, but also overseas. How hard would it be for a person to work for one of these firms and slip some weapons onto the plane? How about a bomb?

Thank you for flying Hyperbole Airlines - Varifrank

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