Wednesday, February 22

Happy Birthday President Washington

Today is President George Washington's Birthday. It also happens to be Senator Ted Kennedy's birthday as well as mine. While the poor weather today canceled my annual trip to Washington's home at Mount Vernon, I will still pop open a bottle of bubbly later tonight to toast the first President of the US as I do every year. The more I read about the Revolution and the early years of the country, the more amazed I am that the US was able to become independent and free at all! A good deal of credit is due to Washington.

When I was young, I thought it was great to share my birthday with the First President. But this is not the only reason to appreciate him. He truly was one of America's most important citizens. Some things were too great for even him to tackle, such as slavery, but he has put in place a country and a Government that runs to this very day. There are not that many countries on this planet where you can find multiple past presidents attend an event with a person who holds the job they used to have, and get along.

Thank you President Washington.

George Washington - Wikipedia
Mount Vernon


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Such is life that one is blessed to have the same day as one of our greatest. If we look at how this country was born you do get shocked and wonder at their strength that those before us had a very strong enemy to fight on these shores.

Happy Birthday...George Washington

scott said...

Happy B-day belatedly. George, you and Teddy. One doesn't belong in that illustrious group and it would not be you or the first prez.