Tuesday, June 21

Washington, DC - Criminal paradise

I live in Northwest DC. Cimre is not so bad as it is in Northeast and Southeast, but for a city it is still horrible.

So I was not completely surprised that as I was reading in the mornng paper the story of how the Chief of Police's undercover car was stolen over the weekend, I came upon my car, whih was broken into last night.

The bastard(s) broke into the car by smashing the rear passenger door window. They then opened the rear seat to get into the truck. Inside they found my tackle box full of old tools. He/they then pulled open the locked glovebox and stole my wife's and my sunglasses. that was the worst part of this. It took a while for me to find a nice pair of sunglasses. Nothing special, they were "SUNGEAR" glasses with blue lenses. From what I can tell they do not make that type anymore. They do make the style with brown lenses. Not exactly the same. But I digress. Whoever did this created a lot of destruction to get away with a truly petty haul. Oh yes, the tool box and many of the tools were stenciled with my name. I had nothing in sight in the car so their breakin was a pure gamble.

The police arrived soon thereafter and took a report. They suggested that I bark on another road where two of the city council members live. The other suggestion was to seriously consider moving to Virginia. Coming from a policement, I wonder what he knows.

They did point out that it only takes a minute to do what they did. I agreed. HOWEVER, they did not break into only my car. They also hit two other cars. These guys were in no rush to get out of there. On other occassions they hit multiple cars. This was not a one time strike.

It is outrageous to go out there one morning to see that not only were the criminals out hitting cars, but the DC parking police were out there too hitting cars with out of state license plates.

That's shameful.

this is the second time they got my car. The first time, they had stolen my license plates. The replacements are now welded to the car. Thankfully, they did not take them this time.

I know that crime is down in DC. It is still too high. The courts keep letting all the people back out onto the streets. Minors know that they are not going to get into real trouble, so they steal cars, not for financial game, but for joyriding. In all the places I have lived and visited, this is the worst when it comes to crime.

Police Chief Ramsey needs to be replaced. DC needs new Police blood.

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