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Perverted City Council Priorities in Washington, DC

DC is a crime-ridden city. They say it is not as bad as it used to be, but chances are that you moved here from somewhere else, and no matter where you came from, the crime situation here is a hell of a lot worse that what you are used to.

As has been proven in so many other cities, crime is controllable and even the most crime-ridden cities can be taken back. New York City is a perfect example of the police retaking a city from the criminals. So what is the problem of other cities, and what on earth is wrong with Washington, DC?

For starters, reading in my last post, even the Police Chief is not safe from crime. He had his unmarked car stolen over last weekend. Talk about an embarrassing event! It would be funny, but I also was a victim this last week, having my car broken into. This event netted the criminals less than $50 in old crappy tools and two pairs of worn (but still loved) sunglasses. The cost to me will be about $1,000. The crooks had a good night, as I was one of at least three cars hit on this one block.

This is not a new problem. Cars have been broken into on this street for years and I have complained about this. Not to mention the countless police reports taken on the street. Have I ever seen a policeman there? Only when taking police reports. Does DC have ‘bait’ cars? I am told no. Too bad as an average of 66 cars get stolen every day in the District. Auto crime is just one part of the massive DC crime problem. Do you think the DC government has declared war on crime? No. Instead, they are occupied with the following:

The District of Columbia is the Nation’s Capital. It was placed on what was basically ‘Neutral Territory’ to avoid placing the Capital in any State. After all, that would not be fair to the other states. The other states would think that the Capital itself would unfairly benefit as being the seat of government.

As it was setup, the District has no voting representation. That does not mean that residents have no representation. For starters, many (half?) of DC residents are not American Citizens. For these people, they have basically as much representation here as they would living in any of the states. In addition, DC is the only place in the country that hosts offices for every member of Congress. Not even New York City can claim that! Lets not forget that the President also calls DC home for most of the time. In short there is a lot of smoke being thrown up about the voting issue. More so than any other relevant issue. From my point of view (as one of the disenfranchised) DC has many Bigger problems than worrying about statehood and statehood is not going to solve ANY of DC’s current problems!

I for one, am in favor of DC Statehood. Lets make DC equal with the other states by giving them statehood, then we can more the Capital somewhere nicer. After all, why should the Capital be located in Washington, DC? So be careful what you ask for, you might get it. You just need to be sure what price you will have to pay.

The Taxation without Representation group somehow managed to get their slogan on DC license plates. No, not just for group members, but on ALL DC plates, regardless or the nationality of the car owner. This “Taxation Without Representation” slogan replaced the more upbeat “Celebrate and Discover.” I for one would have preferred “Our National Capital.”

The current slogan is an insult to all Americans and refused to put it on my car. My plates have the DC website instead of the slogan. It is the same plate series that the Secret Service uses. Now, you have to demand these plates and looking around the city, I am the only one to do so, till now.

I would hope that the DC Council would be on top of the crime problem in DC. To tell you the truth, I have never paid much attention to the goings on of the DC City Council. But I think I should pay more attention to what they do because crime does not seem to fit unto their to-do list, looking at what they have been up to lately.

One task they accomplished this week was to introduce a resolution asking Southwest Airlines to put the DC flag on one of their planes, like they have done with the Maryland Flag. I have to say the plane with the MD flag on it looks cool. Of course the resolution calls for the slogan to be put on the plane as well. Councilman Jack Evans, who I bet has never had his car broken into, proposed this measure. Good work Mr. Evans. Good work. Of course, Mr. Evans is not the only Council Member, what might the other members be up to?

Resolution to abolish use of torture introduced to D.C. Council
This brings me to Council Members Sharon Ambrose, and Council Member Kathy Patterson who introduced a resolution

"recognizes the need to abolish the use of torture in all circumstances and therefore recognizes that the District of Columbia shall now be considered a 'Torture Free Zone,' "

The idea is that the US has and does torture prisoners and with DC the Nation’s Capital, there is a real risk of the Government conducting torture inside DC City limits. After all, as the resolution states:

"torture has been conducted on a widespread scale, suggesting a serious failure of governmental policy, if not actual official acceptance."

The DC Council accuses the Federal Government of intentionally using torture. So they are now doing their part to keep it from spreading here. What a load of bull. Too bad the council ladies did not have enough time to also Abolish Murder, Rape, Robbery, Car theft, and Drug related crimes from the Capital. In my eyes, living in high-crime areas is equivalent to being tortured. Living in fear of being a crime victim causes stress and the last time I checked, Liberals would classify that as torture.

I have no hope that the situation in DC will change anytime soon. With these idiotic Council Members spending all of their time on these useless projects of theirs, that have absolutely no impact on the quality of life in DC, there is no drive to solve the problem. Perhaps they are to blame for the crime problem the rest of us have to deal with.

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