Sunday, October 21

Obama Administration Lying Is What Politicized The Benghazi Terror Attack

The Benghazi terrorist attack which killed the US Diplomat to Libya and three other Americans is a big deal. The Obama Administration has accused Mitt Romney of politicizing the attack. This is a load of bull. The Obama Administration has been lying about the attack for weeks and even to this day still can't give straight answers as to how it came about that the US Consulate has less security than the US Embassy in peaceful Helsinki, Finland. This is despite pleas from the Ambassador for more security.

In addition to the lax security question, also unanswered is why the Administration decided to do nothing when they learned about the attack. The attack was brought to the President's attention while it was underway. The Administration took a 'Wait and See' approach.

The Administration openly blamed a stupid internet video. Even though they are downplaying the link now that the association has so opening been seen a lie, they are still holding the producer of the video in jail, not to be brought before a judge until after the election.

Then the Administration waited weeks before securing the Consulate site, leaving classified material free for the taking, even by the news media.

So the next time Obama declares that Mitt Romney politicized the Benghazi terror attack, hopefully someone will point out that it was the weeks of the Administration lying about the attack that politicized it.

Then there is the other Obama foreign relations disaster with a body count, that being 'Fast and Furious'. I hope that comes up for discussion during the last Presidential debate. Along with kicking our long-term friends the UK, Canada, Australia, Israel, Poland, Taiwan and other to the curb, while at the same time embracing Russia, the UN's despot-controlled 'Human Rights Council' and groups traditionally seen as supporters of terrorism.

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