Friday, April 20

Anchor Country - Argentina

I have not written about anchor countries in a while, but Argentina's recent actions certainly win it a place in this category for some of the worst countries on earth. The actions I am talking about are the child's tantrum the country and its President are throwing because the UK won't hand over the Falkland Islands, simply because the Argentinians are demanding it.
Argentina’s industry minister called for British imports to be banned, in the latest attempt to compel Britain to negotiate over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands as tension rises ahead of the 30th anniversary of the 1982 war. Britain responded by summoning Osvaldo Marsico, charge d’affaires at the Argentine embassy in London, to receive a formal protest at the Foreign Office. “We made clear that such actions against legitimate commercial activity were a matter of concern not just for the UK, but for the European Union as a whole, and that we expect the EU to lodge similar concerns with Argentine authorities,” said a Foreign Office spokesman. - The Telegraph
In addition to the calls to boycott UK goods, Argentina has recently refused entry to their ports to cruise ships that have called the Falklands as well as have refused entry for Falklands fishing vessels, a port ban that has spread to neighboring countries as well. All actions that will probably hurt the Argentine economy more than that of the Falklands. 

A couple of weeks ago there was a press storm over a Falkland Island paper labeling Argentina's President Cristina Fern├índez de Kirchner a bitch. But lets be realistic now. IT is Argentina that is creating this conflict by harassing the Falkland Islands again. Argentina lost a war about 30 years ago over the islands and is now upset that it appears that the UK will defend their possession of the islands again if pushed to do so. 'Bitch' might be a raw word to describe the President of Argentina, but more mainstream words are not much nicer, just more accurate. Such as troublemaker, bully and instigator. 

It is President Kirchner's actions that are threatening peace in stability in the region. Given Argentina's past history and current actions, it is prudent that the UK send reinforcements to the area. The big question is, will President Kirchner start another war over the Falkland Islands? A war her country is likely to lose and put her people and country through more hard times. Anyway, I'm not planning any trip to Argentina in the near future. However, if I were, I would seriously reconsider, as I would hate to be caught in a country, unable to leave and be a sitting duck in a country that decided to poke the UK a little too hard one time too many.

 The latest moves by Argentina's President Kirchner do nothing but confirm my thoughts that she is hell-bent on damaging Argentina. It is not enough that she is stilling up old friction with the UK over the Falklands, but now she is attacking an ally against English rule over the Falklands, Spain:
Facing intense criticism over the nationalization of its biggest oil firm, Argentina on Thursday ordered the seizure of YPF Gas, another group controlled by Spain's Repsol, a move expected to further inflame tensions. - Yahoo News
When a country starts taking over industry, you can bet that anyone who can more their money out of the country will be desperate to do so before the Government seizes their assets as well. Good luck in making this plan work. I just don't see a positive outcome for the country. It will just end badly for the population. And it is kind of hard to feel sorry for them given that they voted for this lunatic. Good luck anyway. At least I hope she is smart enough not to pick another fight with the UK.

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