Thursday, May 24

The Star-Spangled Banner Sung in Chinese from 'Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo'

OK, this is a year late but I only got the video recently. The issue last year was the singing of the Star-Spangled Banner in Spanish. One question was whether it was acceptable to sing the National Anthem in a language other than English. I believe that it is in some cases, such as in this video clip from Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo.


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In this scene, the children are honoring the crews of the American Bombers that had just bombed Japan by singing the American National Anthem in their language.

As far as the controversy over last year's Spanish language Nuestro Himno, it was wrong for them to alter the words and spirit of the Spanish version which disrespects the meaning conveyed by the original words.

If an immigrant, illegal or otherwise, wants to honor America by singing the Star-Spangled Banner, then they should learn how to sing the official version in English.

The Star-Spangled Banner - Wikipedia

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Anonymous said...

First the Spanish version was NOT "our" National Anthem, the words were changed, it was NOT even close to the American National Anthem. in this video you can tell the kids were singing "our"Anthem,and it was done respectfully the Spanish Verison WAS NOT.

Fred Fry said...

I agree. It was not our anthem. It did however, steal the music score of our anthem as well as parts of a Spanish translation of it. I think that the song was highly disrespectful. Worse it was being used as a political tool.

I don't understand the Mexicans. They risk death to cross the desert to get here because conditions in their country suck, and the first thing they do once they get here is to try and replicate Mexican conditions here.

Where do they plan to go when they ruin conditions here too?

Consul-At-Arms said...

I have no problem with children in another country singing "The Star Spangled Banner" in honor of my country having bombed a third country with which both of our countries are at war, at least as long as it's a faithful translation.

As for immigrants (illegal or otherwise) singing a Reconquista revision in Spanish in my own country: not so much!