Friday, December 12

Escaped Criminal & Suspected Terrorist Ruben Shumpert Dead?

Remember Wanted terrorist Ruben Shumpert (aka "Amir Abdul Muhaimin")?
CNN - SEATTLE, Washington (CNN) -- Where in the world is Ruben Shumpert?

By most expectations, the Seattle barber should be sitting in a federal lock-up serving time for gun and counterfeiting convictions in a case deeply colored by allegations of terrorism.

But in November, days before he was to be sentenced, Shumpert called an FBI agent and said he wouldn't be in court, authorities said.

Shumpert said he was in Somalia, the lawless East African nation far beyond the reach of the U.S. government.

In a second taunting phone call to the FBI, according to prosecutors, Shumpert said he and his associates "would destroy everything the United States stood for."

As he spoke, the FBI agent said, a crowd in the background chanted "Allah Akbar" -- the Arabic phrase meaning "God is Great" that is sometimes used to cheer someone on, or as a terrorist battle cry - CNN

I wondered what happened to this guy when Somalia was invaded by Ethipia and figured that chances were pretty good that he would have been captured or killed. The freedom of information request that I had made on him was refused since I did not have his permission to obtain the information. (Yes, I needed his permission because he was alive....)

Just yesterday a story titled "MYM Media Section Publishes Story on `Martyred` US Muslim Immigrant". It claims to be the story of the end of Ruben Shumpert.
"His arrival in Somalia:

"In the days of the Islamic Courts, Mogadishu Airport was under the control of the brothers. When he arrived at the airport, there was a group of brothers who received the immigrants. Once you arrive, you tell them you are looking for a camp, or to conduct jihad, or a weapon. You say what you want without fear of the intelligence services. They do not grieve and they take you to the camps or to the immigrants` administration.

"In Mogadishu, a new phase of Amir`s life began. Upon his arrival, he only was interested in buying an AK-47. Thanks be to God, he was able to purchase an AK-47 and joined the ranks of the mujahidin in the Immigrants Brigade. In the famous Idali (name as transliterated) battle in which at least 2,000 Ethiopian soldiers were killed, the brother was wounded by a shot in his back. He was evacuated to Mogadishu with the injured for treatment, because the war was raging outside Mogadishu. After the withdrawal of the Islamic Courts from Mogadishu, Amir withdrew with the brothers from the same brigade to the forests of southern Somalia, where he remained for a period of time.

"The story of his martyrdom:

"Amir tried to leave the forest with some of the brothers in order to do something that God only knows. One of them, who turned out to be a spy for the Americans later, betrayed them. As soon as the brothers stepped off the small boat they were on board, they were shelled with missiles immediately. Three of them were martyred, including our knight Amir Abdul Muhaimin. -
The website notes that the story came from a website for Somalia's Mujahidin Youth Movement. I have no idea if it is true or not, but given the lack of any other information on this person, and where the story claims to come from, I will take it as good indication that Mr. Shumpert is dead. After all, as an American, he is much more valuable to the terrorists as a propaganda tool alive than dead.

Go read this CNN story which covers the charges against him as his last minute escape from the country. Of note is that this is one more guy who fooled moonbats into supporting him:
Scores of Seattle residents came to Shumpert's defense, signing a petition supporting leniency and writing letters saying he was a positive influence on their community. - CNN
No wonder our cities have crime and illegal gun problems. this guy was caught selling a handgun illegally (among other things) and the community considers him a 'positive influence'.

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Brian said...

We (the US) may have killed him. We conducted a number of airstrikes/naval shellings of islamist camps in southern Somalia in january 2007. I do not see any indications that he was killed recently in the article announcing his death. It would not suprise me if he called the FBI on a cell phone and we were able to pinpoint (at a later date) the location of that cell phone. Then Whammo.

J. S. Oppenheim said...

"Ruben Shumpert, a Muslim convert who changed his name to Amir Abdul Muhaimin, had been wanted on federal gun charges. He was killed in Somalia sometime before Oct. 1, said U.S. officials who described the strike as part of anti-terrorist military operations carried out in recent months."


Anonymous said...

Amir was/is and will always be my best friend

GL said...

I actually hung out with this guy back in 2005. I met him in the federal detention center in Seatac, nice guy, great barber haha! He used to cut my hair for a snickers bar.

GL said...

RIP amir

Anonymous said...

As his ex-girlfriend and a proud American currently dating an American soilder and God fearing Christian, Its too bad he lost his life, however, I never supported his terrioristic mindset which he did try to get me into.. R. I. P. RUBEN as I grew up knowing him!

Anonymous said...

Amir was/is and will always be a turd wrapped in skin. Adios douchebag.

Anonymous said...

the one with the turd comment, do you live in seattle. if so meet me somewhere you pussy so you can say that to my face. I thought so